• Partners - 5% of a deposit from the personally invited investors.
  • VIP partners - 10% of a deposit from the personally invited investors.
  • eToro Bonus - 1000$ with each turnover of 10000$.

You can also pick up an interim bonus of $ 200 with turnover of $ 5,000 in borrowed funds (in the case of obtaining intermediate eToro bonus, the counter is reset and starts new counting).

If you want to participate in the affiliate program, you just need to sign up for a new account in our system and get your affiliate link. Please note: it is not necessary to have your deposit in our system.

Now you are a partner and from that moment you will receive 5% of every deposit from your referred investors. If the number of investments will be equal to $ 10,000, so you automatically get VIP status and you will get a bonus of $ 1,000. If you are a VIP partner, you will receive 10% of every deposit from your referred investors. For etoro bonus, you must have 10 active partners.

All partners who received the VIP status will get increased remuneration - 10% from a deposit of your referred investors.

A partner can have VIP status if he has more than $10,000 (total attracted funds to the company ETORO-INVEST).

Each turnover of $10,000 - you get eToro Bonus (that equal to $1,000) or turnover of $5,000 - you get interim bonus of $ 200.

Each newly registered user can participate in the affiliate program or in eToro Bonus program.

Follow these steps to become a WEB representative of the company ETORO-INVEST. Learn more in the section «Representatives».

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Отличный проект! Удачи проекту и...

anderson4ikFeb 14, 2017 18:36

Отличный проект, радует...

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