Web Representatives

Who is web representative?

WEB Representative plays a significant role in our company. He gets some benefits or advantages after accreditation.

They help new members who register via their business card on the website.

If you want to participate in WEB Representative program and receive affiliate fees, please create your personal account and fill the application form.

What does web representative get?

  1. Increased partnerships compensation in the amount of 10% of the partners of deposits.
  2. Own a business card in the corresponding section on our website.
  3. New entrants do you find and register through your affiliate link.

How to be a web representative?

If you want to receive affiliate fees in WEB Representatives program and have a business card, please follow some steps below:

Fill out an application for the status of a representative web:

  1. Full name.
  2. Country of residence.
  3. Login in ETORO-INVEST.
  4. Skype Login.
  5. Phone number (with country and city code).
  6. E-mail address to contact you.
  7. Language skills (for written communication).
  8. Specify the links to your social networks profile.
  9. Size of personal investment packages at the time of application must be more or equal to $300.

You can send your application form via feedback form. We will review your application within 72 hours.

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